Jennie Santos (she, her), Recovery Support Coordinator

Jennie came through our doors in 2017 to volunteer. SOS saw great potential in her abilities and natural gift to meet people where they’re at. Jennie loves her career and plans to become a LADC in the future. She was given the opportunity to become a CRSW and achieved that goal through our scholarship program. She feels that being a part of a person’s holistic wellness is so rewarding. She just can’t put into words the cause, effects, and growth she gets to experience at SOS and in our community. Jennie is a proud mother of two sons and is the oldest of 6 sisters, along with parents who are both in recovery. She loves Dover, a God of her own, yoga, art, poetry, books, & nature, and music therapy is important for her recovery. If you get a chance to meet her, you will easily see she marches to her own drum!

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