SOS Recovery, Inclusion, Community &
Harm Reduction (RICH) Conference 2022

Exploring innovations within peer-based recovery and harm reduction with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

You are invited to submit workshop proposals to be presented at the

SOS RICH Conference 2022

April 18th and 19th, 2022
at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH.

We welcome proposals from professionals, peers, advocates, policymakers and volunteers in the field of peer-based recovery, substance use, and harm reduction services.  In effort to advance the bridge between peer-based recovery, trauma, toxic stress, and harm reduction we encourage proposals that identify programs and services that integrate these areas through innovating with evidence-based, effective, programs, services, and systems.  Proposals that identify and highlight the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion are welcomed and encouraged.

|SOS Recovery Community Organization is presenting the Northeast’s premier peer-recovery conference.  The conference will include nationally recognized keynotes that will present on innovations in peer-based recovery supports and harm reduction with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.  This conference will include up to a dozen 90- minute breakouts over 2 days surrounding the theme of the conference. 

|This conference will attract leaders and advocates within the prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction communities across New England as well as health care providers, clinical staffs, licensed professionals, mental health professionals, agency staff, social service providers, educators, first-responders and local, state and federal policy makers and legislators. The conference will also attract individuals and family members impacted by substance use disorder, people who use drugs, people who identify as sex workers, and allies of the recovery and harm reduction community.

|The goal of the conference will be to present national, local, and regional innovations, exploring the impact of peer-based recovery support services and integrating efforts between the prevention, treatment, recovery, mental health and harm reduction communities with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. We continue to needlessly lose tens of thousands of lives to preventable overdose deaths each year in this country and this conference will provide a space for advocacy, pushing the boundaries of effective responses, and challenging the status-quo.  Most importantly, the goal will be one of networking and working together for a compassionate approach to innovation and evidence-based solutions as communities.

Exploring innovations within peer-based recovery and harm reduction with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion

*Workshop presentations must be relevant to the conference goal, theme and objectives.*

Conference Objectives:

  • Provide information that increase familiarity with concepts of the theme of the conference and promote programs, systems and services that will enhance awareness of them; 
  • Provide educational opportunities that will address the advantages of trauma informed care and community- based resilience and addressing trauma as it relates to problematic alcohol and drug use as well as overall public health.
  • Provide educational opportunities that help participants understand how peer-based recovery and harm reduction are impacted negatively by stigma and how we can reduce barriers to wellness through addressing and preventing stigma.
  • Provide educational opportunities that encourage the peer-based recovery community to better understand harm reduction strategies, in an effort to integrate and enhance collaboration between peer-based recovery supports with harm reduction programs and services with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.  We encourage proposals that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and breakouts that educate our community on the harms sex workers face due to criminalization as well.
  • Support the provision of evidence- based practices; and
  • Provide opportunities for community leaders, policy makers, peer recovery workers, people who use drugs, people who engage in sex work and the community to interact with program and service providers, so that these interactions enhance advocacy efforts and to inform policy needs and help reduce barriers to accessing programs and services.


  • Conference attendees are drawn from various backgrounds, professions, organizations and agencies including, but not limited to:  
  • Recovery community organization leaders, staff, volunteers and members.
  • Harm- reduction service leaders, staff, volunteers and participants including those who engage in sex work and lead agencies that advocate on behalf of. 
  • Policy makers and legislators at local, state and federal level
  • Agency administrators, board of directors
  • Licensed providers and staff of substance use disorder treatment programs and services. 
  • Behavioral health and mental health leaders, clinicians, providers, staff and agencies
  • Public health network staff, prevention specialists and continuum of care coordinators 
  • Primary health care; hospital administrators; medical professionals
  • Social service leaders, agencies, staff and advocates. 
  • Private business leaders and managers who are engaged in recovery friendly workplace initiatives. 
  • Individuals in recovery, people who use drugs and family members and loved ones of those impacted by alcohol and drug use.

Review Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee and selected based on relevance to the conference theme and objectives, timeliness of the topic, and creativity of approach. Workshop description and objectives should be clear and well defined.  The selection committee reserves the option to request additional information in support of the workshop proposal. Entry to the conference will be offered to those chosen, however, travel expenses and hotel rooms are not included nor is any compensation for breakout presenters. Please be sure that you can commit to attending on April 18th and 19th.  Attendees will choose breakouts and are relying on the presentations they choose.  If you are unsure if you can attend please do not submit a proposal.  


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